Forging a path from food insecurity to food prosperity.

We are a purpose led organization committed to a food secure community. Our principal consultants and associates represent over 25 years of field work in almost every aspect of hunger and food waste. We work at a community level to develop actionable strategies for a more efficient, equitable, nourishing food system for all.

A few things we're great at:

Food Recovery & Waste Intervention

We work with communities, non-profit organizations, emergency meal programs and shelters to develop and implement successful food recovery and meal programs. Our expertise in the areas of food safety, logistics, staff training and food waste intervention provides a whole systems approach that leads to successful strategies.

Practical Business Solutions

We believe in the social entrepreneurial model and strive to create dynamic private, public and civic partnerships. We offer professional support for supply chain management, value added production, product development, and cost management that aligns with organizational values.

Culture Change

Most strategies rely on thinking inside the box or outside the box; we believe in crushing the box. Our background working with public agencies, policy advisory groups and businesses to bring about systemic change strategies offers a fresh approach. We know how to navigate a change in culture that makes a real difference on the ground while addressing core issues through innovation.

Culinary Expertise

With a life-long background in the culinary industry, we deliver on creativity, have a passion for feeding people and understand the vital role food plays in our lives. Our experience and technical skills managing large volumes of food for redistribution has been field tested with proven results.

What's New:

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